Nutrition is single handedly the most important aspect of your contest preparation. Some trainers and professional athletes say nutrition will define 80% of your overall results and here at G-Force, we agree! There are many different types of diets. Low Carb, Zero Carb, Moderate Fat, Low Fat, Carb Rotation, Carb Depletion, High/Low Carbs etc.

So how do you know what’s best for you? Just leave that to us! After our initial meeting, we will figure out what is going to work best for your body.

Most of our pre-contest diets are from 12-20 weeks depending on your current physique. We will create a diet especially for you that will produce optimum results. Stimulating your metabolism is very crucial so constantly re-evaluating your diet is necessary. Staying on the same diet for too long will cause you to hit a plateau. This is when the creativity begins. One of the main objectives is to lose body fat while preserving muscle.

The seven key components to your contest preparation are weight training, protein, cardio, calories, carbs, fats, and supplements. The only 2 things that will remain primarily consistent is your protein intake and your weight training.

Weight Training –Typically stays consistent throughout your training. Small adjustments will be implemented toward the last stages of your preparation.

Protein – Typically stays consistent throughout your training. There may be some slight modifications at the end of your preparation to help achieve that shredded look.

Cardio – Should be used as a tool, not a crutch. We are not advocates of doing 2-3 hours a day of cardio. We try to stimulate your metabolism and get you as lean as possible through your diet and use cardio as only a small part of the training.

Calories – Should be kept as high as possible to help keep you full, mentally alert, and energized for training. Calories will be adjusted as necessary.

Carbs – Carbs, Carbs, Carbs, Carbs! Everybody love carbs! But not everyone can eat them… Carbs can be a necessary tool for keeping muscles pumped, keeping glycogen levels high, helping with mental alertness and getting you through those hard workouts. The key to carbs is finding and balancing the ones that work best with your body

Fats – Like carbs, fats play a significant role in your physique. Some fats are good and some fats can destroy your body shape.

Supplements – There are plenty of supplements out there on the market. We have worked with some that we’ve found very effective and most importantly safe. We will determine which supplements will work best with your body.